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Practice Time 

Distractions are seemingly everywhere. Have you ever tried to finish a project and somehow something distracted you from completion? The distraction may have been an emergency or something important, but far too often distractions keep us from focusing on the important and cause us to focus on the mundane. Focus is difficult. Focus requires commitment, energy and will. Focus does not come naturally to most of us. Focus requires seeing the big picture and the details. When focus comes, the picture is…

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“Better” is defined as: “to improve; to increase the good qualities of.” Wow! What a goal! To improve or to increase the good qualities of. Now that’s something to think about. Is there anywhere in life where “better” should not be a goal we are reaching for? There are many things in life to attain and accomplishing better in a better way is always better.  The desire to be and do better can be quite a driving force. It will cause a musician to practice hours on end. The desire for better will cause a…

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Practice Makes Perfect…or so they say 

Most of us have heard the old axiom “practice makes perfect”.  “Practice makes perfect” used as motivation to practice seems to be a good idea, but this statement simply is not true. One can practice, practice and practice more and yet continue to make the same mistakes.

Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar: 

     1.       Get out music book

     2.      Go to instrument

     3.      Play through song/piece

     4.      Make mistake(s)

     5.      Start over and play it again

     6.      Make the SAME…

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Being in front of others can make one feel quite bare. Exposed. Unprotected. Performing music, whether singing or playing an instrument, takes courage. There are so many variables and so many of those variables are simply out of the performer’s control. What will they think? How will they react? Am I good enough? Is this performance good enough? Do they like the music? Did they notice my mistake? These questions and others like them can torment the performer’s mind. Questioning one’s ability and comparing…

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Think About This 

The mind and its thoughts are powerful. Where we allow our minds to go, whether wandering or purposefully directed, affects us in a profound way. What we think about is vital. Paul writes to those at Philippi,

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

-Philippians 4:8

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While waiting for my car to be serviced I thought I would spend my time perusing a book I use regularly. Yes, a book. Not a screen with words on it, but one of those charmingly old-fashioned things with a cover and paper printed with ink. Books are delightful. Some seem like old friends: life is always more comfortable with them around and they are never boring. For me such is Richard Miller’s book The Structure of Singing. I acquired the book while in college and have used it ever since. I use the…

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New Video of Piano Solos 

THANK YOU for all the positive comments regarding the piano solos on Walk With Me. Now all four can be heard on one YouTube video! The original compositions range from a flowing, light-infused, contemplative commitment (“Devotion”), to warm enthusiasm (“Assurances”), to calm tranquility (“Serenity”) to a weeping encouragement (“Promise”). The more I listen to these pieces the more I sense differing interpretations and complexities of mood I did not realize were there. Give it a listen and let me know in…

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Serenity Piano Solo Video 

This is exciting!!! 

I am thrilled to share the new picture video of my piano solo "Serenity" with you via YouTube. I trust you will enjoy viewing the video as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. The recording is from my album Walk With Me. All of the photographs were taken by myself or my wife at beautiful Jekyll Island, Georgia. Jekyll Island is one of our favorite places to visit and quite a beautiful and tranquil place. We enjoy walking along the beach, having picnics and strolling through the…

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Site Update 

The time has arrived. Welcome to the new and much improved! We have been working diligently over the last several months to update and improve the site. I hope you find your time here to be inspiring, informative and uplifting.  Sign-up for my newsletter now. The newsletter will keep you informed of the exciting new things happening here on the site and in my music life. 

New to the Site

Music downloads including recorded music and sheet music are now available. I am looking…

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