“Better” is defined as: “to improve; to increase the good qualities of.” Wow! What a goal! To improve or to increase the good qualities of. Now that’s something to think about. Is there anywhere in life where “better” should not be a goal we are reaching for? There are many things in life to attain and accomplishing better in a better way is always better.  The desire to be and do better can be quite a driving force. It will cause a musician to practice hours on end. The desire for better will cause a writer to write, edit and re-write once again. This desire will cause a cook to add a little of this, not put in quite so much of that, cook the dish a little longer or shorter than last time. To want to do better is a part of the human nature that should be cherished and nurtured.

Reaching for better is not the same as perfectionism. The perfectionist has his own idea of what perfection is, however as we strive for “better” we can evaluate from our starting point if we are headed in the right direction. The desire to do and be better are motivational, whereas perfectionism can rob us from attaining what we are capable of. Perfectionism strikes fear in the heart and may keep us from ever starting. Will it be “perfect”? Can I “perfectly” perform this piece or reach my goal? Too often the desire for perfection hinders the work at hand. However, the desire to attain measurable goals and to constantly improve (be or do better) motivates our work to heights we did not know were obtainable.

Would you like to improve? I know I would. In every area of my life I would like to do better. Life is a journey, and on this journey, we are in constant change. Change can be good, or change can be bad, but change is seldom neutral. To advance to higher heights and deeper depths requires effort on our parts. These efforts include self-discipline, proper management of time; using, finding or acquiring the proper resources and motivating oneself that the goals to be obtained are worth the effort to reach them. Better is worth reaching! Reach for better, it is in your grasp.


Philippians 4:8

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