New Video of Piano Solos

THANK YOU for all the positive comments regarding the piano solos on Walk With Me. Now all four can be heard on one YouTube video! The original compositions range from a flowing, light-infused, contemplative commitment (“Devotion”), to warm enthusiasm (“Assurances”), to calm tranquility (“Serenity”) to a weeping encouragement (“Promise”). The more I listen to these pieces the more I sense differing interpretations and complexities of mood I did not realize were there. Give it a listen and let me know in which direction the music stirs you!

In the picture I am sitting at my restored and re-built 1926 Chickering grand piano. The recording was made before I owned my present piano on a studio Yamaha grand. I plan to share the warm, round tones of my Chickering with you very soon! The warmth of its sound and my music make perfect mates.

I am presently working on transcriptions of the music from the video so you can play the pieces too! They will be available on the website in the near future.


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