Practice Time

Distractions are seemingly everywhere. Have you ever tried to finish a project and somehow something distracted you from completion? The distraction may have been an emergency or something important, but far too often distractions keep us from focusing on the important and cause us to focus on the mundane. Focus is difficult. Focus requires commitment, energy and will. Focus does not come naturally to most of us. Focus requires seeing the big picture and the details. When focus comes, the picture is clear, and the goals are attainable. 

Musicians and singers face multitudes of distractions. Often these distractions occur during practice time. The list can be endless: a text comes through, you remember an errand that needs to be run, a family member needs your attention, something “more important” demands your notice, et cetera. How do you guard practice time from these types of distractions? Focus is the key. Here are some steps that will help you focus on your practice. 

  • Make a specific time each day to practice.
  • Make a commitment to your practice time- just as any other appointment.
  • Practice time should not be interrupted by family members unless it is an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY.
  • Do not read text messages or answer phone calls; it can wait until practice time is over- YOU CAN DO THIS, BUT IT TAKES DISCIPLINE AND FOCUS.
  • Discuss these steps with family members/those you live with making sure they are on board with your plan.

If playing an instrument or singing is important to you then practice is an absolute must in order to see progress. The great thing about practicing is you get to play your instrument or sing! Some folks DREAD practice. Why? Practice is the opportunity to hone your skills and perfect your art. Practice is working with your instrument or your voice to bring it to a higher level. Practice can be difficult. Practice can be hard work. Persevere in practicing: the results are worth it!


Philippians 4:8


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